Wealth Management Planning and Consulting

Excellent wealth management planning helps individuals and businesses manage assets efficiently. HWG Inc., based on the regional and individual needs of clients, integrates with richly experienced professionals and senior consultants in the banking industry, to conduct customized strategy analysis on asset management and investment for clients. HWG Inc. provides numerous consulting services on wealth management as follows:

Wealth Planning

  • Retirement planning
  • Family management services
  • Educational fund planning
  • Risk management of individual properties
  • Planning and consulting for family offices

Planning of Estate & Gift Taxes

  • Inheritance planning of overseas assets
  • Filing of estate & gift taxes and tax-saving planning

Financial Planning

  • Financing planning
  • Financial risk management
  • Financial strategy & planning
  • Asset Management
  • Management & Planning of working capital

Tax Planning

  • Taiwan tax planning
    • Filing of Taiwan individual income tax & tax consulting
    • Tax consulting & filing for overseas Chinese
    • Consultation & application for various tax incentives & rebates
  • Cross-border Tax Planning
    • US individual income tax consulting & filing
    • US business income tax consulting & filing
    • Tax planning for corporate & individual investment in US
    • Canada tax consulting
    • New Zealand & Australia tax consulting
    • China tax consulting

Investment Planning

  • Onshore/Offshore trust consulting
  • Planning & management of investment portfolios
  • Planning of public welfare foundations
  • Planning of offshore holdings companies

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