The business associates of HW Group Inc. are a wealth of professional lawyers and accountants as well as members of international networks. The service areas of HW & Partners, Barristers & Solicitors, besides the basic operation of the local perennial legal consulting services, we moreover are adding value to our services by actively providing consulting services for your company as well as your personal self in tax planning, financial management, legacy tax planning, offshore business, etc.

Composition of Shareholders' Agreements and Articles of Association‧Participation in and Consultation for Shareholders' Meetings & Board of Directors' Meetings‧Protection of Shareholders' Rights‧Services for Laws & Regulations of Listing Publicly and Related Legal Services

Intellectual Property Rights

  • Legal consultation and litigation for trademarks, patents, copyrights, trade secrets and Internet; investigation on counterfeit incidents and infringement removal handling

Planning & Application for Foreign Business & Overseas Chinese Investments

  • Audit of foreign business & overseas Chinese investments; incorporation & change of foreign-owned branch office, foreign-owned subsidiary and foreign-owned representative office

Planning & Application for Multinational Investments

  • Due diligence, share transfer, listing in overseas stock exchanges, joint venture, holding structure, mergers & acquisitions, financing, etc.

Review and Composition of General Business Contracts

  • Consultation for and composition of various contracts such as distribution, agency, franchising, buy & sell, leasing, loans, contracting, employment, partnership, entrustment, etc.

Cross-Border Legacy Planning and Composition of Inheritance Related Documents

  • Drafting of wills, reports of entailed succession or waiver of succession, agreement of partition of inheritance, etc.

Handling of Administrative Remedy

  • Second review, appeals, administrative litigations, etc.

Civil & Criminal Litigations and Business Arbitrations

  • Civil & criminal litigation representation, business arbitration, construction mediation or arbitration for civil and business cases of the Company Act, Negotiable Instruments Act, Securities and Exchange Act, Fair Trade Act and Civil Code

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