Foreign Invested Commercial Enterprises (FICE)

Since December 11, 2004, China has been comprehensively opening up the establishment of foreign invested commercial enterprises, namely FICE, which has allowed the commercial field of China to enter the phase of substantive opening to the outside world. The new Company Law was implemented since March 1, 2014 to simplify registration matters and cancel the restriction on the minimum registered capital. Ever since the implementation of the new Company Law, the practice of many regulations has differed significantly from the past. Our group has had rich practical experience in assisting foreign businesses in setting up various companies and has maintained close and excellent cooperative relationship with relevant governmental departments. With our high-quality services, the time required for clients to apply for the establishment of a FICE is not only significantly shortened, but the chance of success is also considerably increased.

Our Services

  • Pre-FICE investigation, research and assessment
  • Preparation of all approval application documents including articles of association and feasibility study reports
  • Submission of documents to local governmental agencies for approval
  • Submission of documents to central governmental agencies for approval
  • Registration for business licenses at the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of PRC
  • Handling of other items for registration such as tax registration, foreign exchange registration, customs registration, etc.
  • Application for special licenses (e.g. Food Circulation Permit)
  • Pre-investment planning

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