Legal Consulting Services on China

HWG assists you in understanding and entering the China market to develop business opportunities. We provide the following services:

Perennial Legal Consulting Services on China

  • In-depth analysis on the most updated national, local & administrative laws and regulations
  • Legal representation for civil, criminal & administrative litigation cases
  • Legal consultation on intellectual property rights
  • Legal consultation on real estate: national land contract, collective land contract, construction project contract, etc.
  • Contractual laws:
    Sale-and-purchase contract, sale-and-purchase contract of international goods, utility (water, electricity & gas) contract, gift contract, loan contract, rental contract, finance lease contract, outsourcing contract, transportation contract, technical contract, custodial contract, storage contract, commissioning contract, brokerage contract, intermediation contract, etc.

Negotiation & Arbitration Representation for Disputes over Investment, Trading, Construction & Creditor’s Rights in China

  • Investigation on the creditor’s rights and litigants of the dispute
  • Negotiation & mediation of the dispute
  • International & local arbitration of the dispute
  • Representation for the compulsory implementation of the arbitration judgment

Legal Consultation on China’s Labor System

  • Planning of the labor system:
    Making of labor contract, factory rules & regulations, and wage system; assisting in paying compulsory insurance; legal consulting on social insurance, work standards, work paperwork, etc.
  • Legal consultation on labor disputes:
    Labor relations, wages & benefits, social insurance, corporate labor management, job training, planned reproduction, labor disputes, labor standards & protection, labor security & administrative law enforcement, labor employment, etc.

Litigation Service for Administration Reconsideration

Legal Consultation on Foreign Exchange

Planning of Negotiable Instruments, Flow of Funds, Financing, Going Public, etc.

Legal Consultation on Customs

Legal Consultation on OEM turning Foreign Sole Proprietor

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