Corporate Finance

We provide consulting services for cross-border investment finance, corporate development and general corporate finances. Through the network system of HWG, our strategic partners and experienced team, we have maintained excellent relationships with various enterprises, banks, non-banking financial institutions, securities and investment markets.


Cross-border Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions

Cross-border Corporate Development

  • Strategic Cooperation
  • Business Associate
  • Building manufacturing relationships
  • Obtaining technical licenses
  • Building distribution relationships
  • Expanding client sources

Buyout Plans, Framework and Execution

Compilation of Project Proposals

  • Operating proposal
  • Message memoranda
  • Corporate audit
  • Investors' briefing
  • Marketing plan

Investment Financing Consulting

  • Financial framework
  • Corporate evaluation
  • Organizational consulting
  • Operating plan
  • Strategic planning
  • Consultations
  • Marketing planning
  • Due diligence review management
  • International development planning
  • Negotiation dispute problems

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