Cross-Border Tax Planning

HWG assists enterprises in reviewing their business conditions, organizational structures, capital, asset types, etc., while utilizing the most favorable tax laws and regulations to achieve the purpose of reducing the overall tax burden and obtaining the maximum actual profits after tax for enterprises. It is also aimed to reap the long-term benefits and bring the functions of international tax planning into full play.

Recommendations & Planning for Tax Models

Overall Operation & Planning of Various Tax Tools

Handling & Signing of Advance Pricing Agreement with Tax Bureaus

Recommendations & Counseling for Various Trade Operating Models

Planning of Offshore Companies

  • Tax-saving planning for offshore companies and analysis of various offshore locations
  • Tax, accounting and tax-saving planning for triangular and multilateral trade

The incorporation locations of offshore companies and foreign subsidiaries which have signed tax acts include the following:

Marshall Islands Hong Kong Singapore
UK Anguilla Belize
Bermuda British Virgin Islands Caymen Islands
Delaware, USA Labuan Island, Malaysia Mauritius
Panama Nevada, USA Sumatra, Indonesia
Seychelles Samoa

Offshore Legal Counsulting

  • Legal consulting for offshore investments
  • Consulting for offshore tax laws
  • Legal consulting for offshore trusts
  • Legal consulting for offshore financing and issuance of negotiable securities

Offshore Investment Planning

  • Consulting for onshore/offshore trusts
  • Planning and management of investment portfolios
  • Planning of public welfare foundations
  • Planning of offshore holdings companies

Offshore Company Secretarial Services

  • Changes of directors of the board and shareholders
  • Increase/decrease of capital; change of name
  • Application for deregistration and liquidation
  • Application for Certificate of Good Standing
  • Application for Certificate of Incumbency
  • Amendments to Articles of Association
  • Exchange of documents with offshore governmental agencies
  • Organizing and submitting relevant meeting minutes and documents
  • Notarization of offshore company documents by the governments of and embassies in the offshore countries
  • Notarization of offshore company documents by the lawyers and notary publics in the offshore countries

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