Hospitality Management Consulting

Restaurants, Hotels, Catering, Clubs and Leisure Real Estate Brokerage Services

We provide a restaurant & hotel brokerage platform for worldwide hotels, especially for the brokerage service information of the restaurant & hotel industries of China and the US.

Research and Analysis of Market Feasibility

  • Summary (Synthesized recommendations)
  • Market analysis
  • Business plan
  • General description of the facilities and equipment
  • Financial plan
  • Organizational system map and staffing table
  • Procedure for preparatory work
  • Staff training program
  • Hypothetical architectural drawings
  • Special requirements of the proprietor; analysis of self-operated business, joint venture, and leasing

Development and Planning Services of the Restaurant, Hotel & Leisure Industries

  • Urban business hotels
  • Leisure tourist hotels
  • City business clubs
  • Independent restaurants and chain-managed restaurants
  • Business housing

Human Resource Development and Management Services

  • Planning and building of the human resource system
  • Building of the performance management system
  • Brokerage services for the domestic and overseas professional management talents

Management Consulting for Hotels, Restaurants and Clubs

  • Pre-opening planning and technical assistance services
  • Building of the commissioned operation and management system
  • Operating diagnosis and management consulting services

Education and Training Consulting Services

  • Building and execution of the education and training system
  • Providing technical training courses relating to the restaurant and hotel industries
  • Providing training courses for the senior executives
  • Providing training courses for the middle-level executives and supervisory staff

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