Information Technology Consulting

HW Internet Telephone & Telecommunication Co., Ltd. will be your most trusted partner. Our experienced and passionately responsible professional technical team provides powerful and complete system functions, reasonable product prices, information technology consulting and network system planning services.

Information Technology Consulting

  • Computer software & hardware consulting
  • Website-related technology consulting
  • System building consulting

Development and Design of Corporate Websites

  • Installation and setup of network hosts
  • Webpage content design and modification

Application for Data Network on Behalf of Clients

  • Application for broadband network and data lines of various bandwidths on behalf of clients

Planning and Setup of Multi-party Video Conference and Monitoring Systems

  • Providing for enterprises the rental of video equipment and venues, including Taipei, Taichung, Kaohsiung and Shanghai
  • Assisting enterprises in planning and constructing video conferencing systems, including equipment erection, network application, installation and testing
  • Providing consultation on video-conferencing system for enterprises, including equipment erection and network installation & testing
  • Providing for enterprises the building and rental of sound systems on the video-conferencing venues, including single-shot projection, sound-amplifying system, etc.

Information Risk Management

  • Information system control and diagnosis
  • Business continuity plan
  • Intellectual property protection and trade secrets
  • International information security system certification

Information System Project Development and Building

Planning and Building of the Network of Internet/ Intranet

  • Installation and setup of corporate internal network-related software & hardware
  • Installation and setup of corporate website network-related software & hardware

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