Business Associate

HW & Partners, Attorneys-at-Law

HW & Partners, Attorneys-at-Law belongs to HW Group’s legal business associate in Taiwan. The office is comprised by a team of lawyers with multifarious specialties and independent investigation capacity, thus able to provide our clients with instant and diversified legal consulting services. The central objective of the office is “profession, innovation, diversification, and integration,” a motto that is not only practiced by each of our lawyers on all kinds of cases and assignments, but is also conducive to forming alliance and cooperation with external professional teams or individuals when a case requires different technologies and professional knowledge. Because of these flexible and diversified components, we can better serve our clients by offering a personalized and fuller range of legal consulting service, and wherefrom establish the credibility of a new generation via our legal office.

IR Global

HW Group Inc. is a member of IR Global. IR Global is a multi-disciplinary professional services network that provides legal, accountancy, financial advice to companies and individuals around the world. Represented in 155+ jurisdictions, covering over 70 unique practice areas. As one of the principal member firms of IR Global in Taiwan, HW Group Inc. cooperates with other member firms worldwide to provide services.

Crowe Global

HW Group Inc. is a business associate of Crowe Global in Taiwan.Crowe Global, an internationally networked organization, is a global top 8 firm with expertise in accounting, finance, and management consulting. Crowe Global, with over 700 service points in over 100 countries, provides clients with services in areas such as accounting, tax, business, consulting, finance, risk management, and information technology.

In the development of overseas investment, HW Group Inc. can always make use of branch offices of Crowe Global all over the world to understand local information such as legal regulations, market scale, and changes in taxation.

Daxin Global

HW Group Inc. is a member of Daxin Global. Daxin Global is an international accounting network organization incorporated in 2017.The organization is a platform that serves the transnational auditing,tax and consulting services of its network members in the world. Since its establishment, Daxin Global has developed rapidly. At present, its network members are distributed in China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Germany, France, the United States, Canada and Gabon.

Recently, Daxin Global Accounting Organization has entered the ranking of the 2019 International Accounting Association which was released by the International Accounting Bulletin (IAB), ranking 2nd in the Asia-Pacific region and 14th in the world.

Jiangsu Longrange Law Firm

Jiangsu Longrange Law Firm was founded in 2010, adhered to the professional mission of “preventing risks, creating value”, relying the professional labour division within the internal team, deeply cultivate the industry segments; oriented by project and business, build project teams according to clients’ needs; provide all-round, multi-dimensional and one-stop solutions for clients’ legal issues. The Company’s business covers multiple professional fields, such as company comprehensive cases, bankruptcy liquidation, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property rights, criminal affairs, commercial affairs, taxation, wealth management and inheritance, corporate compliance. The legal advisory units include the Government, state-owned enterprises and large & medium-sized enterprises.

TaxChina Holdings Group

TaxChina Holdings Group was established in 1995 and currently has 40 branch offices in China. The Group has developed into a corporation centered on comprehensive services in finance and tax.

Under TaxChina Holdings Group, there are offices of tax agents (AAAAA), accountants, and asset appraisers, and TaxChina School, AccountingChina School, and Finance & Tax Research Center, which together constitute the only complete industry chain of comprehensive finance and tax services in China.

Hwz Intangible Assets Investment Management Limited

Hwz Intangible Assets Investment Management Limited is a Hong Kong-based firm composed of, among others, numerous legal, finance & accounting and patent experts.

The company became business associate with cross-Strait companies in the similar field such as Show-wei Intellectual Property Office and Zezhi Intellectual Property Co. Ltd. (Shenzhen), together offering clients intangible assets management and planning, general consulting, authorization negotiation and investment dealing, while also providing a cross-disciplinary integrating services for start-up company registration and investment planning.

Guangzhou Haofu Enterprise Consulting Co.,Ltd. link

Guangzhou Haofu Enterprise Consulting Co.,Ltd. is a business associate of HW Group Inc. We were established in 2006 and provide services such as, corporate management consulting services, business consulting services, corporate financial consulting services, business registration agency services, and bookkeeping services.

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