Commercial Times reported on July 4 - HW Group Inc. provides comprehensive services in tax, law, trust and financial management

   (Translated from Commercial Times, July 4, 2015)

HW Group boasts a professional team that provides cross-border services on Taiwan, China and US. The service areas are comprehensive which include cross-border tax consulting, legal consulting, company incorporation & secretarial services, financial management and offshore trusts. Supported with full services of management consulting, accounting, tax, law and corporate finance, and integration of global networks, HW Group offers clients the greatest assistance and benefits. The complete business associate lineup allows HW Group to stand out in the industry.

Having been established for over 20 years, HW Group has offices in Taiwan, US and China and is a professional service group comprised of multinational accountants, experienced lawyers and dedicated consultants. HW Group provides management consulting services to meet the various needs of multinational and indigenous corporations. The services cover four major areas of finance, tax, accounting and law. In other words, its tax consulting, legal consulting, trust business, financial management, and company incorporation & secretarial services supply the industry with all-inclusive services.

Joe Chang, the CEO of HW Group (see photo, photographed by Ping-hsiang Fu), explains that the business group is made of HW Wealth Management Ltd. and HW Management Consultants Ltd. Its business associates consist of HW & Company, CPAs; HW & Partners, Barristers & Solicitors; Crowe Horwath International (CHI); Horwath Intertrust China; and TaxChina Holdings Group. In Taiwan, HW Group has offices in Taipei, Taichung, Tainan, Kaohsiung, and in China it has offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong. The group also has offices in Seattle, USA and Vancouver, Canada. For different needs of both multinational and indigenous corporations, HW Group provides tailor-made management consulting services. On overseas development, through cooperation with business associate Crowe Horwath International (CHI), HW Group is able to reach out to over 100 countries with over 600 service points to upgrade the services to be even more internationalized as well as localized.

For China affairs, HW Group connects to China through another business associate, TaxChina Holdings Group, with its 37 locations and 26 branch offices in China. The affiliates and subsidiaries of TaxChina Holdings Group include tax firms, accounting firms, asset evaluation firms, TaxChina schools, and finance & tax research centers, which form a complete industry chain of comprehensive services in finance and tax in China.

Photo: Joe Chang (Front Middle) leads a first-rate team to serve in the industry. (Photo and article by Ping-hsiang Fu)

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