Representatives from China’s Chongqing Municipal Office of State Administration of Taxation (SAT) visited HW Group Inc. in November 2015 for tax information exchange

HW Group Inc. and its business associates have long devoted to providing financial, tax, accounting, and legal services on Taiwan, China, US, and across their borders. The professionalism of HW Group Inc. and its business associates has been highly esteemed.

The professional team of HW Group Inc. has been planting deep roots in cross-Strait tax services for many years and is an important consultation partner for Taiwanese businesses doing business in China. Having accumulated rich experience in Taiwan and cross-Strait taxation, HW Group Inc. has moreover become a main target of tax information exchange for various taxation bureaus from China, such as Qingdao Municipal Office, SAT and Shangdong Provincial Office, SAT. In November 2015, the Chief Accountant Yao of Chongqing Municipal Office, SAT led a group of representatives from the administration to visit HW Group Inc. and to exchange information on taxation with the staff of HW Group Inc. The lively interactions in the exchange meeting left a deep impression for the visitors and all participants gained enormously from information exchange.

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